6 Six Words

I am all about short short stories, be it on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. This is far from my first (and last) attempt at six word stories. The following stories are in response to an interesting May writing prompt. There are quite a few good responses to this prompt; you should give it a try.

  1. She smiled at the sunny rain.
  2. Inebriate memories of his pocket watch.
  3. Words too soon caused the fight.
  4. Their tiny selves made grand films.
  5. He jumped off; first sky dive.
  6. “I asked for natural hair dye!”




I admit, I haven’t used this site in quite some time. Back when I did use it, I found some really good stories.

I have started a small publication on this site, which will consist of short musings. By short, I mean, VERY short musings.

Sometimes, I think the phrase ‘short story’ loses its sense when you reach a 10,000 word count.


Comment below your publications or any interesting stories you’ve come across.

Fiction – Loop

Creaking through every room, Cal wonders within the strangeness of a lone house. Room after room nothing but broken windows and debris. The smallest room with the smallest window close to the ceiling, harbours within it a strange door-shaped pendant. It opens revealing an entire new room, one which Cal is now absorbed into without the pendant. With no way back he wonders through this new strange house, until he stumbles across a twin; a strange window-shaped pendant.

Fiction – Witness Protection

Trembling hands and fading thoughts, Peter stood in front of his class clicking the button for the next slide. All that the slide was about seemed irrelevant at that crucial moment. They all stared deep into his soul, until a fleeting thought brought him back; his grade. His eyes scanned the room and they all vanished, leaving his presentation skills to shine in a now empty class.