Sometimes I sit and think of nothing in particular. I simply lay down on the bed or on the cold parquet floor and stare at the ceiling; deep into the ceiling. A ceiling of wonder and vast possibilities. It may be a window into some other realm; a realm you create. The thought keeps flowing but nothing in particular.

Fiction – Tweets

6 Six Words

I am all about short short stories, be it on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. This is far from my first (and last) attempt at six word stories. The following stories are in response to an interesting May writing prompt. There are quite a few good responses to this prompt; you should give it a try.

  1. She smiled at the sunny rain.
  2. Inebriate memories of his pocket watch.
  3. Words too soon caused the fight.
  4. Their tiny selves made grand films.
  5. He jumped off; first sky dive.
  6. “I asked for natural hair dye!”