New Leaf in Spring

I have neglected this blog for long enough. Particularly for the reason that I did not have a strategy as to where I wanted this to go; I am going to try changing that.

As of 1st May you will be seeing two posts every week; Friday’s will feature a video that I came across or produced, while Sunday’s will be dedicated to freewriting.

The concept of this blog will still be the same, that is, short form posts. By short form I do mean 400 or less words.



Any form of constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Free write for your life

I have never written anything that did not give me a sense of freedom. And that is typically the result of free-writing.

There are times when the words do not make sense and times when they are entirely fictitious, but regardless it always seems to set a part of me free.

Personal satisfaction is what matters most in creative writing. Then there is the bonus of someone else enjoying it.